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Welcome to the Guardenia Great Pyrenees website! In 1967, I first saw a Pyrenees at a benched show in Europe. I knew that was the dog for me even though I could not identify the breed. It was love at first sight.

In 1975, we acquired our first Pyr. Then the potato chip factor struck, and we obtained our first show Pyr from longtime breeder and judge, the late John Hannum, finished her, and bred her to the best male belonging to the late and wonderful Frankie Glover of Barqueill Kennels. That first litter is the basis for our breeding program, and the Pyrs we breed now trace their parentage to those original two. Of course, many lines have gradually been introduced, but our Pyrs are a continuation of the original ones of 37 years ago.

I love to groom, to plan breedings and raise these wonderful Pyrs and cannot imagine life without them. Fortunately, my daughters, Victoria and Carolyn, share my interest, and my husband and sons appreciate and understand the importance Pyrs play in our lives. Carolyn has shown Pyrs since she was eight and has finished many champions. My two younger children used Pyrs as pillows while drinking from their baby bottles. One of the children barked before speaking and ran to the window barking at the garbage trucks with the dogs. Our family association with Great Pyrenees has taken us to many beautiful and historic places and has permitted us to meet and associate with many wonderful people.

Please enjoy this website and love the dogs.

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